Collection: Rev Sail Only

So you already have an RX or XX  Rev Kite but wish you had another variation for different wind conditions!

Well we have the solution.

The RX and XX frame is the same in all versions of the kites.

So rather than spending out £££’s on a different version of the same kite, we are now offering a substantial saving with our Genuine Revolution Kites sail only package deals.

First Rev Kite

If you are looking to buy your first Rev, this is a great opportunity to add another sail to your order. This will give you the ultimate Rev flying experience at a much reduced price.

All sails are interchangeable with the standard Frame.

Worn out your Rev!

Buy a replacement sail at a fraction of the price of a new kite.

Note RX Frame is the same size on all RX versions. XX Frame is the same size on all XX Versions.