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Revolution Kites Eagle Raptor

Revolution Kites Eagle Raptor

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With the 244 cm wingspan, and weighing less than 280 grams, the aspect ratio is off the charts !!
Experienced Rev flyers love the amazing control, and the Eagles Glide in very light winds. Rev give a wind range of zero to about 23 km/h.
The structure is a 5/16? Reflex shaft in the 3 piece Leading edge, and ?? Race shafts for the verticals.

The Revolution Eagle Raptor is the newest creation from Inventor Joe Hadzicki, at Revolution.
You have Amazing Rev Eagle Control to Float, Glide, and Soar! The Light wind flight is Majestic !!
The Rev Eagle does all the Rev Skills that are so exciting !
Easy launch, Forward, Reverse, Spins, Dive-Stop, smooth landing.
The Rev Eagle head is flexible and well sewn. It is removable as Beginner flyers may want to remove it as they are learning the new characteristics of Eagle control.

Available as Rev Eagle Raptor Kite and Carbon Handles for £389.99
With optional Rev 90 lb x 80 Ft Laser Pro line set.

Dimensions in cm 244 x 81
Frame Carbon
Kite Lines Recommended Revolution kite line set 90lb x 80ft.
Level Beginner - Expert
Sail Rip-stop Polyester Icarex
Type of control Quad handles
Weight 280 gram
Windrange 0 - 23 km/h
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