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Rev Kites UK

Revolution Kites EXP Reflex

Revolution Kites EXP Reflex

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Ready To Fly Package.

No previous experience required. The EXP, Rev's base model, is easier to fly than you would ever imagine. The 4 line, incredibly durable EXP is great fun for new Rev enthusiasts. The training video, which is available online, shows everything from set-up, to proven control techniques for fast learning, and advanced moves. Forward, reverse, hover, and Stop-on-a-dime ?. ALL THIS IS POSSIBLE FLYING THE EXP.

The EXP now comes with Revolution Reflex (patented technology)!

Package Includes:

  • Kite,
  • Rev Laser Pro Gold Quad Line Set 90lb x 65ft
  • Rev Stainless Quad Handles
  • Manual,
  • A link to the video training on the website,
  • Quad line stainless steel handles
Dimensions in cm 236 x 79
Frame 3-wrap
Kite Lines Included: Revolution kite line set 90lb x 65 ft.
Level Beginner and Expert
Sail Rip-stop Nylon
Type of control Included: Quad handles
Windrange 6 - 33 km/h
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