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Rev Kites UK

Revolution Kites Reflex Blast

Revolution Kites Reflex Blast

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A Recreational Flying Experience in 2-12 mph winds. Crazy Gliding !!

A Highly Controllable, Exciting, and Challenging kite in 12-25 mph winds.
When Rev added the Reflex technology, and designed a light wind leading edge shaft set, they knew they had something special. The great edge control, and glide capability gives you an advantage on low wind days.

The control, power, and speed created by the 9.5 Ft leading edge, Carbon fiber frame supported with four vertical shafts will absolutely amaze you! Includes Graphite wrapped stainless steel Handles, and a FREE is a Light-wind 3 pc Leading Edge graphite shaft assembly.

Lines not included. Available as an add on

Dimensions in cm 282 x 82
Frame 3 wrap carbon
Kite Lines Recommended Revolution kite line set 150lb x 80 ft.
Level Intermediate
Sail Rip-stop Polyester Icarex
Type of control Quad handles
Windrange 4 - 40 km/h
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