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Revolution Kites Reflex XX Tarantula

Revolution Kites Reflex XX Tarantula

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Revolution?s Reflex XX Tarantula is a vented version of the XX. Venting allows for higher wind conditions up to 18 mph, while the 'no screen' venting reduces weight allowing for lighter conditions, down to 3 mph. 'No screen' venting also allows for faster reverse flying, smoother 'Floats' (Club 38 skill 26) and a lighter, more responsive touch!

The Patented Reflex design is a breakthrough that increases stability, wind range, and overall control especially under difficult conditions. Including light wind, turbulent wind, and the edge of the window flying.

In fact, in loss of control situations, your Rev Reflex will shift to 'Auto pilot' recovery mode where it will fly itself back to the centre of the wind window.

Reflex Technology allows the wing to dynamically change shape in flight. Rev's new Reflex RX and Reflex XX sail pattern is stress reinforced throughout, and has wear strips. The new 'No fray' leading edge is included on all models.

The RX and XX come with the new super light, super stiff Reflex 5/16" frame. New Carbon Light handles are also included with the RX and XX models.

Package includes Kite, Handles, 1 free spare shaft and 1 spare Reflex spring.

Lines are available as an extra purchase.

Dimensions in cm 249 x 84
Frame Carbon Reflex 5/16"
Kite Lines Recommended Revolution kite line set 90lb x 80 ft.
Level Beginner - Expert
Sail Rip-stop Polyester Icarex
Type of control Quad handles
Windrange 5 - 30 km/h
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