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Revolution Kites Supersonic

Revolution Kites Supersonic

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This Rev model is all about Speed, Agility, and just Fast !!
Notice the slightly different shape, the sawed-off wing tips. This allows for smooth, and fast reverse.

This model flies 60- 0 mph in 1 second!

Also available as a vented kite for even higher wind!

Package includes: 

  • Kite, 
  • Bag
  • Manual, 
  • A link to the video training on the website,  
  • Quad line handles
  • Lines not included, available as an add on.
Dimensions in cm 240 x 56
Frame Carbon 3 wrap
Kite Lines Recommended Revolution kite line set 150lb x 80 ft.
Level Beginner - Expert
Sail Rip-stop Polyester Icarex
Type of control Quad handles
Windrange 8 - 34 km/h
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